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Community Pregnancy Clinic of Simi Valley
Speak immediately with a counselor who understands your fears and feelings, and who can help you find answers to the many questions you may have.

FREE Bible Study Software for your PC! We think it might be the best program available for studying the Word. It is probably worth a fortune, but is offered as a ministry. Please check it out, and please join us in supporting this ministry.

Blue Letter Bible
This is one of the first and best Bible Study resources on the Internet. They keep changing it, making it better and better all the time. The Blue Letter Bible has over 4,000,000 links onsite to over 165,000 pages of concordances, lexicons, dictionaries, commentaries, images, and many modern Bible versions!

Enduring Word
The Bible teaching ministry of Pastor David Guzik.

Understand The Times
The ministry's founder and president, Roger Oakland, is an author and lecturer who speaks internationally on a variety of subjects from a Christian worldview. His easy-to-understand teaching style provides people of all ages and backgrounds with biblical insights that help them to understand the past, what's happening in the world today, and what's yet to take place in the future.

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa
This site is a treasure chest of great links and Bible Study resources. You can listen to Pastor Chuck Smith teach on just about any passage in the Bible, and look up many great teachers, commentators, and churches. Click here to go directly to the list of other churches associated with Calvary Chapel all over the world. Bookmark this one.

Servant Quarters - The Ministry of Gayle Erwin
Gayle likes to say that he "plays a guitar with one string" - he really has one main message, to clearly and powerfully communicate the nature of Jesus. He plays that one string so well it sounds like a whole orchestra. Go to his site to read great articles, and to find wonderfully helpful resources for a healthy Christian life.

Harvest Ministries - The Ministry of Greg Laurie
Greg has a powerful teaching and evangelistic ministry. If you've ever been to one of his crusades, or heard him teach anywhere you know he knows how to present the true, uncompromising gospel in a way unbelievers will listen to and believers will be edified with. Keep track of Greg's ministry with this site.

The Spurgeon Page
If you know me, you know I have a deep love for the preaching of Charles Spurgeon, the 19th century Englishman who influenced London and the world for Jesus. This is the best site on the Internet for learning more about Charles Spurgeon.

Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara
One of my favorite teachers is Pastor David Guzik from Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara. Their church website is worth checking out - David has some great resources there.

Guide to Early Church Documents
This site just has a whole gang of great stuff from early church writers. A great resource site.